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Watch State of Origin 2019 live stream games online

1. State of Origin 2019

State of Origin 2019 as the name depicts means a state, which originates something. In isolation, the meaning of the term is rugby league and keeping in view the modern view, the term depicts the Australian football matches. There is a variation in the selected category for the Australian football however, it is more applicable to a player with junior games, in a certain territory, or state and that is why the name is “State of Origin.” State of Origin series is regarded as one of the most popular sporting events in Australia. This term is also common for small sporting events in Australia representing the domestic teams.

2. Why NSW and QLD played for the State of Origin

For the past century, New South Wales and Queensland have had Rugby matches between them. However, in 1980 the concept for the State of Origin came to reality. Before that, the players participating were the representative of their state rather than their original place. Queensland wanted to represent their home state, which lead to the birth of State of Origin. The year was 1980 and all this happened on July 8. There was a 20-10 victory with Arthur Beetson who was the captain coaching the Maroons. Then after five years, Steve Mortimer led the NSW and there was a victory at Sydney Cricket Ground. After three decades, State of Origin is the ultimate rugby league battleground. Over the years, many matches have occurred. From 2006 to 2017, Queensland had been the prominent winner, which had won in majority. In 2010, Queensland had three wins and zero losses. Only in the year, 2014 New South Wales had two wins and had only a single loss. The prominent player in 2017 for Queensland was Dane Gagai and in 2016, it was Cameron Smith for Queensland. The position for Dane Gagai was Wing whereas the position for Cameron Smith was Hooker. Similarly, there are numerous other players.

3. How to watch State of Origin on channel 9

State of Origin is like the super bowl for the Australian Television. It is one of the highest rating television events of the year. People residing in Australia can easily watch the event on channel 9 whereas those residing out of the country do not have the international streaming. In order to watch the live and the demanding content, the viewer has to be in Australia. It is not possible to watch the 9Now until the viewer is back in Australia. People watching the content in some other country do not have the Australian IP address and thus, they would not be able to get an access to the live TV. It is important to switch off the VPN services, in order to continue watching the services. There is a message displayed when a viewer visits the website of 9Now. In case of continually receiving the particular message, the viewer can contact through a form and they can find their relevant IP address from the link, which is available on the website of 9Now. Technological advancement has brought many changes in the life of modern individuals and the websites for the different channels are updated keeping in view all these techniques.

State of Origin 2019 Fixtures and Venues

Game 1: TBA May 2019, Australia, Kick-off to be announced

Game 2: TBA June 2019, Perth Stadium, Perth, WA, Australia, Kick-off to be announced

Game 3: TBA July 2019, Australia, to be announced

State of Origin 2019 TV and radio broadcast times

State of Origin games will be televised only on Channel 9 live into QLD vs NSW and in Australia. The telecast times are still to be confirmed. Channel 9 Broadcast TV and Radio times for South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria will be released in 2019.

When a person is looking to watch games such as NSW vs QLD a person can turn to the internet. They can stream this game and get all of the action. The NSW vs. QLD will be live stream will happen as all of the gaming action is going on. If a person is not able to make it to the event they can still see it over the internet. This is a big game and many people are rooting for their favorite team and now they can watch this on streaming.

People in the United States can even stream this game online. They will be able to get the game at its original start time and the date that it is going to be played at. All a person has to do is go online and go to a site that will show them the live game. At this time they click on the watch now button and the game will appear. If a person already has a streaming TV service they can head to the service provider and search the channel that this game will be featured on. The game is going to be played live on Australian channel 9 and will also be streamed live on 9 Now the Australian version. This will allow a person to know exactly where to find their game when they are looking to stream it and see the live action.

While many people are favoring the Queensland Maroons the New South Wales Blues are not to be counted out. Both of these teams have been playing very well and a person should not miss the action. They can see highlights from past games on Youtube and can stream this action on the Australian Channel 9 or the Channel 9 site where the game will also be featured live.